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acoustic ply

Sound absorption in a dominant appearance

A C O U S T I C    P L Y

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Product specifications

Material: High quality 100% merino wool and birch plywood.

Cleaning: clean with a dry/wet cloth or feather duster 

Handmade design product, manufactured by our team.


Textile cable and canopy:

2 meter textile coated cable

Ceramic ceiling-rose

Electrical parts are available in black colour.

Bulb is not included, we recommend: LED Globe bulb, E27, 1800 lumen, 2700 Kelvin (warm white)



The collection is designed with special attention to high quality demands. They are handmade products from 100% merino wool and birch plywood.

The color of the felt can be chosen according to your unique interior design concept.

Further technical information can be found here »

A C O U S T I C    P L Y

Sound absorbing solutions


The newly developed Blum&Wolf ACOUSTIC PLY collection with a combination of wood and felt creates a secondary function, sound absorption, which is an important requirement beside lighting for large, open space offices and lounge areas.

With the great features of the natural materials these new products absorb the noise and they are dominant visual elements in the space.